First Qualified as an Expert Witness in State of RI Superior Court. Subsequently in multiple Rhode Island courts and Massachusetts District Court.

I have provided testimony in Rhode Island and Massachusetts courts, and worked with attorneys to create greater understanding of disclosure in Federal cases.

Cases I have worked include State and Federal and have involved: murder, conspiracy, destruction of digital property, divorces and white collar crimes such as embezzlement.

Digital Security Researcher and Penetration Tester

Web Development and Design

Certified: Linux Administrator, Mac Os X, Amazon Web Services.

Cellular phone calls and text message authentication. Do not rely on self-authentication of text messages and calls. This often-important evidence requires an expert to authenticate. When a case includes evidence in the form of text messages an expert, such as myself, will assist in authenticity for the court.

Email or call if you are interested in a copy of my presentation, given to the FBI’s Infragard:
VAULT 7 & ETERNALBLUE:  IMPACT AND ANALYSIS – What’s Next?: the perils of improper disclosure.